Donald Trump: Our First Equestrian Class President

Donald Trump is the first American President who has attained the office without having first held a position beyond that of a private citizen, a fact that holds both great opportunity and great risk for himself and our country, if history is any teacher.

No, Taxes are Not the Price We Pay for Civilized Society

We have essentially handed the unlimited spending power to the federal government, which we fund through the discretionary power of Congress, to confiscate as much of our hard-earned income directly through our crooked progressive income tax.  This was never the conceptualization of the Framers of the Constitution and it should be undone for the tyrannical misappropriation of government power that it is.  

The Supposed "Early Warning Signs of Fascism" Debunked

Well, it appears leftists can’t seem to get enough of throwing around disinformation about “fascism” ever since Donald Trump got elected.  I’ll be the first to admit that the alt-right and the small remnant of white nationalists are not doing themselves any favors online by constantly stirring shit up in an attempt to troll the social justice crowd, but the left has never gotten fascism correct.

Review: Captain Fantastic

You can tell that Mortensen's character is a very radicalized ideologue with perhaps some kind of academic background.  He seems to have some kind of leftist neo-hippie philosophy where the modern world has become corrupted by consumerism, corporations, and perverted science.  He makes numerous mentions to malfeasance of modern institutions like hospitals, the food industry, and the education system.  It is stated later in the movie that his goal was to isolate his family so not only would his children be raised to "philosopher kings" in a unique paradise but also so his wife perhaps would become mentally well.  But it is his own egotism in this regard that pushes his family away from him throughout the movie.

Earlier in the year, Dr. Estes joined me to talk about addiction therapy and how the current climate—as it pertains to pharmacology, the War on Drugs, and the subsequent enforcement of drug laws—actually hinders society more than it helps.  In this latest appearance, Dr. Estes focuses on her efforts in prescribing Marijuana to combat the worst effects of detoxing from opiate addiction.